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Tried! Highly dispersed reactive zinc oxide in foamed shoe material really excellent!

Shanghai Fuyou International Trading Co., Ltd. has been exporting shoe materials for many years and is proud to present its highly dispersed active zinc oxide product which has proven to be an excellent additive for foam shoe materials.

highly dispersed reactive zinc oxidehighly dispersed reactive zinc oxide

After repeated tests, the use of highly dispersed active zinc oxide in foamed shoe materials has achieved excellent results and improved the quality standards of the industry. In the past, the traditional process used high-dispersion active zinc oxide and zinc stearate together, but later developments showed that the same effect can be achieved by using high-dispersion active zinc oxide alone, and the product stability is better.

Incorporating highly dispersed active zinc oxide into foam shoe materials has several advantages that make it a popular and recommended choice. First of all, it is an ideal heat conductor in the rubber mixing process. This maintains a consistent temperature in all areas of the foaming process, ultimately reducing cure time and preventing localized overheating of the rubber material, which could lead to scorching or aging.

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PE and EVA are commonly used raw materials for the production of footwear foam products. Highly dispersed active zinc oxide can be dispersed in rubber compounds and used in various processes to improve the quality of products made using these raw materials. The use of Highly Dispersed Active Zinc Oxide has been a game changer for the industry as it has produced excellent results based on various tests and experiments.

The success of highly dispersed active zinc oxide in the shoe material industry has further established the status of Shanghai Fuyou International Trade Co., Ltd. as a leading enterprise in the export trade industry. The company’s commitment to bringing quality and excellence to its customers is reflected in the quality of its products, the strong relationships it has built with its customers, and the many repeat customers it has been fortunate to serve over the years.

To sum up, the excellent use of highly dispersed active zinc oxide in foamed shoe materials will surely set off a revolution in the industry. Its many benefits make it the obvious choice for manufacturers who prioritize quality and innovation. With its rich experience in export trade and commitment to excellence, Shanghai Fuyou International Trading Co., Ltd. stands out as a company that can provide high-quality products that meet the needs of customers in various industries.

Post time: Jun-09-2023